Activation Ceremony

Activation Ceremony

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An evening to awaken the soul and to tap into your truest alignment.
Leave any stresses at the door and submerse yourself in the calm and sacred space of ceremony.

We will begin be drinking sacred cacao, to open up the heart space and to connect the physical body with the emotional. From here we will move into a short breath work session followed by a guided meditation to connect you in to your own channel with your highest self and to get clear on your intention for the evening.

Then on to the magical part of the evening. Lie back, relax and absorb the sounds and frequencies of Sha's ancient wisdom. Hear her song and feel her words reach you on a cellular level. Allow the channelling to calm your system and recalibrate to your new highest frequency. This channelling is a form of light language, coming straight from the Earth, here to help us remember, to dissolve the conditioning of our current world and reconnect with our true selves.

This channelling can help clear and remove blockages and old stories which no longer serve you.
Discover and explore your purpose.
Bring clarity to any questions or confusion.
Enhance your own intuition and inner sense of knowing.
Encourage a deep sense of calm within the body, allowing it to regenerate and energise.

Bring your journal should you wish to write down your experiences afterwards, we will have a time for sharing should anyone want to as well as a space for asking questions on any puzzle pieces which may have arisen. This will be a deeply sacred space, free of judgement and can be the beginning of deep healing and knowing should you wish.