Light Body Activations

So what is a Light Body Activation and how might it help you?

We will tap into your subconscious and unconscious self to uncover what is holding you back. Using Gaialect and Reiki we will shift and release any dense and ineffective energy creating space for what you want to create in your life. With your body full of light and space, we welcome in exactly what you are creating and designing in your world. Once implanted in your cells it can manifest in your physical reality.

Gaialect is a form of light language and is channeled direct from an ancient source, affectionately called Sha (Sha's Magic). I allow her to speak through me sharing ancient wisdoms which promote healing of the soul and help you to reconnect with your highest self. This helps you to tap into your own divine inspiration and creativity, helping to overcome any emotional or spiritual blockages and releasing them from the body.

Gaialect can be used to help you progress a particular project you are working on or to gain clarity on a particular situation. Most powerfully it can help calm anxiety and overcome stress or panic responses within the body.

This is for you if have experienced any of the following:

  • You know you have been holding yourself back

  • You can feel the edge of your potential but are nervous to leap in

  • You have a message to share with the world but are afraid to start

  • You know there is a bigger purpose for you but can’t find what it is

  • You have felt uncomfortable in your body and like it doesn’t belong to you

  • You have been visualising like a bad ass but it’s just not coming to fruition

  • You are ruled by other peoples views and opinions

These activations are usually between 1.5-2 hrs. You can be anywhere in the world as we will connect on zoom. This allows you to be in the comfort of your own home whilst still being held in a safe and secure container. I will be with you for the whole process, supporting you energetically and emotionally. This space is created free of judgement for your own individual experience.