I had my first ever Reiki session and first ever remote session with Laura and what an experience. Firstly it was super handy and convenient to be able to do the session from my home. Speaking with Laura at the beginning and end of the session meant that I didn’t feel the distance had an impact on the session at all. I was amazed at what felt like a massive shift during the session. I’d been sick for a couple of weeks and immediately after the session had signs that the illness had significantly improved. The experience and feedback was so extremely helpful and I’m still benefiting from that one session today. Thank you so much Laura! Looking forward to more sessions (and for my daughter too)…definitely recommend others experience and benefit from your amazing talents too!

Candy - Perth, Western Australia

I can always sense when healers have a true gift- Laura is one of those individuals. She is so deep and so disarming in the same breath. She reveled profound visions that resonated with me to my core, yet translated them in a way that was palatable and gentle so I could digest and integrate the information into my life. I felt shifted when we left our call and hungry for more time with her. I highly recommend spending an hour with her (or more!)- you won’t regret a single minute of it. She is truly a gift.
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-Kari Azuma, Los Angeles, California

Founder of Empowered Mothers Alliance, Coach and Speak

Reiki experience with Laura has been nothing short of amazing. She explained what could happen during the process, her session has beeninsightful and my heavy head that I had for days immediately felt lighter during the session

Rain - Sydney, New South Wales